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Ariane Poole: Celebrity Make up Artist - May 12, 2011

Did you know that we tend to put our concealer too high under our eyes? We were treated to an intimate session with Ariane Poole at the Chapel in Mayfair. Ariane demonstrated on one willing CWC member and showed us the importance of looking down in the mirror to see where the dark circles are really hiding with her award winning concealer palette! From pore minimisers to selecting the right foundation colour, and understanding the real use of Touche Eclat, we learned some essential techniques for fresh looking skin. I'm sure all found the session quite useful, if the queue of people waiting to speak to Ariane afterwards was any indication. Many thanks go to Ariane for such an engaging and interactive session!

In the Brew - May 18, 2011

We had our inaugural In the Brew on Wednesday, May 18 at the Grenadier.

We had 10 in our group (members, friends and
spouses) despite the rain and terrible tube service!
What a quirky and unique little Pub! A Big Thanks to
Hazel Simpson for this gem of a London Pub to
discover! We had some great conversation and lots of

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Walking Tour around Olympic Park – April 7, 2011

Five members joined our very own Blue Badge Guide, Margaret Davis, for a very interesting walk around East London and around the outside of the Olympic Park. It was a beautiful day – perfect for our 2 hour walk. Margaret shared with us stories of the re-development of the area as we walked along the canals. We admired the Olympic Stadium and the Swimming venue from the Viewpoint. We heard how some businesses had to be moved from the site to make way for the building of the Olympic Park, and she showed us the example of H. Forman & Son’s Smoked Salmon factory. I am certainly going to book a table at their new restaurant to try their “world famous” smoked salmon with a view of the Olympic Stadium. Thanks to Margaret for an informative and enlightening walk.

CWC April 012

CWC April 001

Trip to Stoke on Trent - April 2, 2011

At 7 am Saturday morning, 42 women and one very brave driver left Grosvenor Square, heading North to the Potteries at Stoke-On-Trent . We were a very multicultural group with women from the US, Argentina, India, Serbia, Bosnia, Holland, Korea, Britain and of course, some Canadians. Although our time was limited at each of the 5 pottery shops (Churchill, Burleigh, Royal Doulton, Portmeirion, Wedgewood), we made the most of our time and managed to fill our suitcases, bags, baskets and boxes to overflowing. We had fun meeting new people and bragging about our bargains. The wine and the cheese on the way home was a hit as were the delicious muffins that Renee Marie made for our outbound trip. It was a very tired, but happy group that returned to Grosvenor Square at 9 pm. We all had a great day out, and most of us are ready to go again. Who will organize the next one??

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Maple Leaf Trust Dinner Dance 2011


March 3rd 2011 was a great evening for the Maple Leaf Trust and the Canadian community here in the UK. The Maple Leaf Trust Dinner Dance was a black tie affair for 70 very happy and generous guests. The evening started with champagne and delicious canapes with soft jazz background music. We had one hour to mix and mingle and to oggle the wonderful display of auction and raffle items.

Dinner was a three course affair with wines from the fabulous vineyard of Mission Hill. Over the course of the dinner, our friendly and enthusiastic volunteers sold raffle envelopes with some containing the winners for prizes and some sadly not. But the Maple Leaf Trust certainly was the biggest winner as our guests were quite happy to take their chances at perhaps picking a winning envelope. The Silent Auction was a huge success as well with all items making their estimate or surpassing it. We are thrilled to say that the evening generated an increase in funds from the previous years.

Thank you to all who gave so generously on March 3rd.

Our fabulous singer Victoria Beebee was able to get nearly everyone up onto the dance floor. I even noted that the High Commission Staff were enjoying the dancing as well as our guests.

It truly was a fun evening for all but more importantly it generated sufficient funds to alllow the Maple Leaf Trust to meet the target for the annual disbursements of funds in June to our two charities, the Veterans Support Committee and the Canadian Centennial Scholarship Fund.

The spectacular success of this event was the result of a very dedicated Organising Committee, the gracious hospitality of the High Commissioner and his wife, and the staff of the High Commission who ensured that the evening flowed seemlessly. Of course, we thank our countless donors for their lovely auction and raffle items. We also thank the corporate sponsor TD Securities and our special sponsors: Mission Hill Wines, Anthony Von Mandl, Canadian Affair, Bob and Anne Van Gieson, Victor and Mona Dahdaleh, Karen Johnson, John and Karen Murphy, Ernst and Young.

Next year we hope to welcome our guests from the Canadian community to the 60th Annivesary Ball at the Savoy on May19th, 2012. You won't want to miss it!

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BADA Antiques and Fine Art Fair – Duke of York Square

March 25 found eight members learning about antiques at the annual BADA Fair in a bespoke marquis at the Duke of York Square.

We “visited” four BADA members at their stalls and heard the story of some of their collectibles. At Trinity House Paintings, we were shown a painting by John Singer Sargent that he painted on the back of a painting by his pupil to show his perspective of the model – quite different from his student’s rendition. We visited with Geoffery Breeze who shared his passion for antique walking sticks – be they ivory, ebony, snake, or hiding a sword, a flask or a pipe.

At Sylvia Powell Decorative Arts, Marc told us the history of pottery in England , with collectibles by William De Morgan, Royal Doulton and Jean Cocteau. I was amazed to find out that even Picasso dabbled in ceramics by commissioning them from his own designs. Our last expert was Jeanette Hayhurst who shared the history of a piece of glass tableware that would hold confections made in the houses of the wealthy. These talks were an excellent introduction to the fair and after a delicious lunch at the Grill, we were free to wander through the exhibition. I saw so many lovely items, but luckily for my husband, I had left my charge card at home. This was a lovely way to spend a Friday afternoon and I am sure many of us look forward to the Fair in 2011.

Lunchbox Theatre – A Bold Stroke for a Husband

On March 11, 3 members took in the 45 minute play at by the Little Bear Theatre Company at Bridewell Theatre in Fleet Street. It was a fast-paced, Georgian farce, full of false identities and thwarted lovers and revenge. We enjoyed the stripped-down set and how clever the production was at having one actor play 2 or 3 parts. One exceptional actor even played 2 very different characters at one time with the use of a jacket on one shoulder. I don’t know how he was able to change so quickly between characters and remember the lines and movements for each. It was definitely a great performance and we had quite a few laughs. And thanks to Denise H. for introducing me to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub on Fleet Street – a wonderful old pub with so much character and literary history. A place to add to my tourist trail for visiting friends and relatives.

Submitted by Lynda Opocensky
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